Summary of The Greenprint Book by Marco Borges: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World

Independently published #ad - Don’t even think of procrastinating. So take control of your diet, your body, your weight, your health, your life and your planet. Improve your health, lose weight* boost your energy & metabolism* reduce inflammation in your body* live longer, look younger, feel better* your absolutely best & healthiest life now!in the greenprint marco borges presents a groundbreaking plant-based lifestyle plan that contains 22 laws and 3 tiers.

The greenprint is an accessible and easy-to-follow plan that guides you gently to that destination. The greenprint is your effective blueprint to do just that. The greenprint also teaches you how to cut down on your carbon footprint as you journey happily to your new and absolutely best and healthiest life.

Summary of The Greenprint Book by Marco Borges: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World #ad - This is a very well-written summary and guide to THE GREENPRINT. This incredible lifestyle plan is guaranteed to improve your health, live 4 to 7 years longer, increase your energy, help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, reduce inflammation in your body, look younger and feel better all the time.

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Workbook for The Greenprint By Marco Borges: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World

Independently published #ad - The book also provides a stage-by-stage, transition timetable the 3 tiers, while laying out some of the nutrition science behind the Greenprint approach. This workbook will get you to quickly and easily living the Greenprint lifestyle and enjoying your healthiest, happiest and best life! So, don’t even try procrastinating on this one.

Take action now! buy this workBOOK NOW! It explains the many ways a plant-based diet will benefit you. The book breaks the whole challenge down into a 3-tier approach and further into small, micro steps and encourages you to begin with just one tiny step, and then other tiny, yet incremental steps. The aim of this workbook is to prod you into action and into living proactively so you can begin to apply the lessons, The Greenprint, tips and strategies from the book, to your daily life.

The book is so conveniently packed with motivating guidelines that will help you transition to plant-based eating. An excellent guide! easy to read and understand and filled with practical and actionable steps to change your life forever! This book is a companion WORKBOOK to The Greenprint by Marco Borges.

Workbook for The Greenprint By Marco Borges: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World #ad - If you want a transformative change to your healthiest life; if you want to clean up your diet, to generally get healthier and to minimize your carbon footprint while at it, to reduce inflammation, to skyrocket your energy level, to exercise more, to boost your metabolism, to boost your brain and cognitive abilities, to lose weight, then this is the guide book for you.

Get this superguide workbook if the following is what you want:• to transform now to your healthiest life ever and maintain it!• to clean up your diet and to lose weight quickly and easily!• to boost your metabolism and energy and reduce inflammation!• to boost your brain and cogNITIVE ABILITIES!THE GREENPRINT by Marco Borges is an excellent, revolutionary guide to transitioning to a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

And it provides you with the mechanics of making the transition including recipes, tips, meal plans and shopping lists.


The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World

Harmony #ad - Through his more than two decades of experience working with clients, and reducing inflammation, exercise, increasing energy, " which he's determined are the most important plant-based diet, and spearheading exercise and nutrition research, boosting metabolism, including some of the world's biggest celebrities, Borges developed the groundbreaking "22 Laws of Plants, and lifestyle secrets for losing weight, not to mention helping minimize your carbon imprint to help the planet.

. By following its 22 proven effective guidelines, you will shift your mindset, improve your health, lose weight, and impact the planet for the better. Accessible and easy-to-follow, The Greenprint is a movement to embrace your absolute best and healthiest life. Whether you are ready for a gradual shift or excited to tackle them all full-on, in just weeks you will be on your way to a healthier, cleaner approach to eating that includes plenty of whole grains, bountiful veggies, legumes, nuts and more.

The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World #ad - You'll also find meal plans, countless tips, more than 60 delicious recipes, and inspirational stories to help you along the way. Take control of your diet, create your own Greenprint and forever alter your weight, your health and the planet. The greenprint outlines three simple, step-by-step plans to implement the 22 Laws into your life, depending on where you are on your journey.

New york times bestselling author and ceo of 22 Days Nutrition, practical, Marco Borges introduces one of the most inclusive, and revolutionary plant-based lifestyle plans - The Greenprint.


The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook: The Ultimate Resource for Unleashing the Life-Changing Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Celebra #ad - From decadent classics such as mac ’n’ cheese and juicy black bean & quinoa Burgers to the innovative flavors of the Teriyaki Veggie Bowl with Meatless Balls and Walnut Chili—The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook will delight your family and bring the incredible benefits of a plant-based lifestyle into your home.

Foreword by Ryan Seacrest Celebra. From the creator of 22 days nutrition and bestselling author of the greenprint and The 22-Day Revolution comes a plant based cookbook full of the tools you need to live a healthier, with more than 150 all-new, happier life, mouth-watering recipes and customizable meal plans to create your own 22-Day Revolution program.

The 22-day revolution Cookbook creates the road map for the journey. Now marco shares more than 150 mouthwatering recipes he’s cultivated over the years working with high-profile artists including Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Beyoncé—the food program is credited with creating some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood.

The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook: The Ultimate Resource for Unleashing the Life-Changing Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet #ad - Plant-based nutrition has taken center stage as more and more people achieve optimum health by significantly reducing their risk of serious health concerns like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. If you’re looking to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, Marco has created four customizable meal plans that will help you reach your weight-loss and fitness goals—from serious weight loss to maintaining and building muscle.

Since health expert and exercise physiologist marco borges first introduced his groundbreaking plant-based program in The 22-Day Revolution, motivating thousands of readers and followers worldwide to take control of their health, lose weight, the revolution has become a movement, and create better habits in just 22 days.


The 22-Day Revolution: The Plant-Based Program That Will Transform Your Body, Reset Your Habits, and Change Your Life

Celebra #ad - With this program, more energetic, you will lead a healthier, and more productive life—helping you to live the life you want, not just the one you have. Celebrities from beyoncé, jay-z, jennifer Lopez, and Pharrell Williams, to Gloria Estefan and Shakira have all turned to him for his expertise. Inside, you’ll find motivating strategies, delicious recipes, benefits and tips for staying the course, and a detailed 22-day meal plan.

As one of today’s most sought-after health experts, exercise physiologist Marco Borges has spent years helping his exclusive list of high-profile clients permanently change their lives and bodies through his innovative methods. Dean Ornish. Founded on the principle that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, to lose weight, The 22-Day Revolution is a plant based diet designed to create lifelong habits that will empower you to live a healthier lifestyle, or to reverse serious health concerns.

The 22-Day Revolution: The Plant-Based Program That Will Transform Your Body, Reset Your Habits, and Change Your Life #ad - Celebra. A groundbreaking plant based, vegan program designed to transform your mental, emotional, and physical health in just 22 days—includes an Introduction by Dr. The new york times bestseller from the author of the greenprint and creator of 22 days nutrition—with a foreword by beyoncÉ. The benefits of a vegan diet cannot be overstated, lower cholesterol levels, as it has been proven to help prevent cancer, decrease blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and even reverse diabetes.

Beyoncé is such an avid supporter that she's partnered with Borges to launch 22 Days Nutrition, his plant-based home delivery meal service.